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    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    The ue_01_a process stops unexpectedly. The run_e_01... log has thousands of "FUNCTION ERROR" messages and finally terminates with an "Execution error" message.



    To locate the record in the run_e_01... log which the daemon stopped on:  go to the end of the log and enter "?HANDLING".  This will take you back up in the log to the last "HANDLING DOC NO" line preceding the start of the FUNCTION ERROR messages. 

    After deleting the z07 record which showed in the log as the record which ue_01_was trying to process, ue_01 proceeded to successfully process the other z07 records waiting in the queue.

    The FUNCTION ERROR message is produced by a variety of indexing programs: io_z0101, io_z0102, io_z02, io_z07, io_z91, and io_z97. In this case, occurring in the ue_01_a process, the relevant program is io_z07.

    The FUNCTION ERROR message is produced by io_z07 when the value of the F-OP variable, passed to it by the ue_01_a program, via the ue_01_d program, is something other than READ, START, NEXT, WRITE, or DELETE.

    An attempt to reproduce the problem by resending the bib record which had been causing the problem to the server was unsuccessful: ue_01 processed the z07 successfully.


    But in another case, there *was* a problem with the record:


    article:  ue_01: "FUNCTION ERROR"; "Execution error:... update_long_heading.gnt"


    Category: Background processing



    • Article last edited: 7-Mar-2016