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    ue_06 needed? ue_06 vs. p_cir_12

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    We were told to run the ue_06 job for all ADMs. Recently, one of the colleges reported that their slips were appearing in Task Manager just as soon as the patron placed the hold. This had not happened anywhere before and it seemed that maybe ue_06 was the problem. I killed ue_06 for that college and the system stopped dumping the slips into Task Manager, and now they show up in the cir_12 run. Please clarify the use of ue_06. Should I shut it down in all cases? We only had the problem at one college, and cannot find any change we made that triggered the sudden change in behavior. If I shut it down, do I also need to remove the associated lines in aleph_start.private? If so what do I take out?

    If a site doesn't allow the placement of holds on available items and is running cir-12, then ue_06 will not do anything useful. In fact, it seems that it might (sometimes?) cause a problem by processing requests which have not yet been processed by p_cir_13, changing their z37_status to "W" will prevent their processing by p_cir_13 (that is, prevent the generation of a recall notice). (If you don't allow holds on available items -- and especially if you are seeing Z37s being changed to status "W", then you may want to consider not running ue_06).

    See the article "What does ue_06 do?" (KB 3925) for a description of how ue_06 works. Normally sites have at least one of these (ue_06 or cir-12) running.

    If you want ue_06 to start automatically in your xxx50 library(ies), be sure that the following line is present in alephe/aleph_start.private (if you're not running it, be sure this line is commented out):


    • Article last edited: 23-Mar-2017