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    ue_21 fails to create z00p for particular bib z07p; util_e_21.xml_err... file

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Problem Symptoms:
    * A particular xxx01 bib record (003104681) doesn't appear in Primo. A check of the Aleph $usr_library z00p ("ALEPH Published Documents") table shows that there is no PRIMO-FULL z00p for 003104681.

    * There's an xxx01 $data_scratch/util_e_21.xml_err.20120922.08085631 file with the line "003104681ABC01", indicating that ue_21 had a problem producing xml for this z07p ("Publishing Update Doc") record. There had previously been a ./publish-04.xml.err file for this record.

    * util f/4 for record 003104681 shows this:
    CAT L $$aBATCH-UPD$$b20$$c20120910$$lABC01$$h1600
    9821 L $$a400160580
    a010 L $$a2008019400
    a020 L $$a0230606598
    * The "L" for the 982 field is one byte too far to the left.

    * Correct the defective 982 field by inserting a space after "9821"
    * ue_21 will then create a z00p PRIMO-FULL record for it, which will be sent to Primo by p_publish_06.


    See also:   What are util_e_21_check_xml and util_e_21.xml_err?  in regard how to use the util_e_21_check_xml to see what's wrong with a particular record.


    • Article last edited: 2-Aug-2016