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    v19 Course Doc List: all columns in upper right pane are blank (except for 1st)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    In the v19 Course Doc List, the correct count of documents for each course is displayed in the tree on the left and the bottom right pane has the correct bib information for the document selected in the upper right pane, but, though the upper right pane ("Doc List") has a correct number of documents with, for instance, "1/3", "2/3", and "3/3" in the first column for each, all the other columns in the upper right pane are blank.

    The problem was that abc30 pc_tab_col.eng lacked the following lines which are used to produce this display:

    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Doc Number 01 010 01 C01 Doc Number
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Call Number 02 010 01 C01 Call Number
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Author 03 015 01 C01 Author
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Title 04 020 01 C01 Title
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Year 05 005 01 C01 Year
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Open Date 06 010 01 C01 Open Date
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Other Courses 07 010 it map Doc belongs to other Cou
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Local 08 000 it map Doc cataloged in CRS lir
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Suppressed 09 010 it map conn BIB suppressed
    PC_COURSE_BIB_LIST L Common 10 010 it map doc from the common list

    I note that there are four other PC_COURSE... entries in the usm01 pc_tab_col.eng (to which the usm30 pc_tab_col.eng is path_convert-ed):


    I see that you have these in your abc50 pc_tab_col.eng, but it may be that some of them are instead or also required in the abc30 pc_tab_col.eng.

    The usm50 and usm30 pc_tab_col.eng files are pointed (via path_convert) to the usm01 pc_tab_col.eng -- which has the necessary entries for *all* of the libraries. When an entry is added to usm01 pc_tab_col.eng, it is not possible to tell which library the entry should go in.

    In general, we suggest that you point the ./abc50/tab/pc_tab_col.eng and the ./abc30/tab/pc_tab_col.eng to the ./abc01/tab/pc_tab_col.eng using the abc50 and abc30 path_convert files. (If you do this, you will need to make sure that all the entries from the abc50 and abc30 pc_tab_col.eng files are included in the abc01 pc_tab_col.eng.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013