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    v22 file-20: HTMLPrint Preview fails on large files

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    Problem Symptoms:
    With client in Print Preview mode; HTMLPrint fails to display PLIF/file-20 (Patron loader) reports. (The file is is about 30 MB in size.)

    Most often, it opens a pop up that says "Loading file...", the progress bar fills up, empties, and fills up again, several times. Then simply goes away. No preview, no Windows crash error. It just dies.


    1. Workaround: Since the message text has changed in v22, the local XSLT filter (to filter out successful transactions so only the errors are included in the output) needed to be changed.
    With it changed, HTMLPrint handles the output OK.

    2. Apply the 22.0.1 Service Pack. (After applying this SP, the HTMLPrint worked on the original file, without the successful transactions filtered out.)

    Additional Information

    a. In one case, it got an XSL parse error. The error was that it couldn't open the Java Virtual Machine -- but most of the time this is *not* seen. And I've been able to successfully Preview other files, so it seems that the JVM is installed and generally working.

    b. It's possible that v22 rep_change 63 ("HTMLPrint - When printing using print daemon sometimes several printouts were not printed") is related. rc 63 to be included in the June, 2014, v22 Service Pack.

    • Article last edited: 4/24/2014