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    v22 file-20 (PLIF) "Flat" file load doesn't work properly

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22

    Problem Symptoms:
    The v22 file-20 (Patron Loader) (PLIF) "Flat" file load
    1. doesn't handle the new z303_last_name and z303_first_name fields, and
    2. doesn't work properly with the enlarged (up-to-255-byte-length) z308 (Patron ID) fields in v22

    For symptom #1: The Functional Spec for this enhancement says: "The flat file will not be enhanced with the 2 new fields. It will continue to use the Z303-NAME."

    For symptom #2: A bug in the original v22.

    For symptom #1: Either use the xml-format input, or ignore the new fields and continuing working with the flat-file form and the z303_name field

    For symptom #2: Either use the xml-format input, or, to continue using the flat-file format input with shorter-length (20-byte-max) ID's, apply v22 Service Pack 22.0.1, which corrects the problem and allows the pre-v22 input-format to be used.

    • Article last edited: 3/26/2014