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    xxx60/tab/tab_type_config displays differently after upgrade to v18

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We have a virtual field, ACS, defined in our holdings library built from the holdings 008 field position 6. The idea is to display the acquisition status of our serials in the holdings screen of the Web OPAC. The tables involved are tab_expand, tab_type_config.eng, edit_doc_999.eng, and edit_field.eng in the holdings library. These tables have not been modified when we upgraded from v16 to v18. The acquisition status never showed for monographs in v16 but it is now showing in v18. If we edit edit_doc_999.eng to limit the creation of the ACS field for format SE only, the acquisition status disappear for all records not just monographs.

    xxx60/tab/tab_type_config.eng does have enough qualifiers in it to differentiate monographic holdings from serial holdings. I looked at the monographic HOL record for the v18 example you provided in UTIL F/4 (with expands) and it has this ACS field (see last line):

    FMT L HO
    LDR L ^^^^^nx^^a22^^^^^1i^4500
    008 L 0602272z^^^^8^^^4001uueng0000000
    LKR L $$aHOL$$lSBA01$$b002766445
    85200 L $$aCU-SB$$bMAIN$$cMAIN$$hPR9499.3.G536$$iZ466 2005$$nus$$xnsp 03/07/06 cat$$4Main Library$$5Main Library
    ACS L $$aCO$$bCompleted

    Therefore I added an additional LDR qualifier for each ACS line in xxx60/tab/tab_type_config.eng
    (“F06-01 EQUAL x"):

    ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    ACS CO Completed LDR F06-01 N-EQUAL x
    008 F06-01 EQUAL 2
    ACS OO On order LDR F06-01 N-EQUAL x
    008 F06-01 EQUAL 3
    ACS CR Currently received LDR F06-01 N-EQUAL x
    008 F06-01 EQUAL 4
    ACS NC Not currently received LDR F06-01 N-EQUAL x
    008 F06-01 EQUAL 5

    Now when I view this record in the Web OPAC as well as in the UTIL F/4 expanded view I don’t see any acquisitions status references:

    FMT L HO
    LDR L ^^^^^nx^^^22^^^^^1n^4500
    004 L ABA1714
    008 L 920316||^^^^8^^^4001||eng0010818
    LKR L $$aHOL$$lSBA01$$b000230481
    85200 L $$aCU-SB$$bMAIN$$cSPEC$$hF1246$$i.A8513$$nus$$92$$4Main Library$$5Special Collections
    PRC L MA
    CAT L $$aCONV$$b50$$c20010818$$lSBA60$$h1903

    I consulted the following resources to identify ‘serial’ qualifiers for the holdings records:

    MARC21 HOL 008:

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013