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Best Practice Toolkit: Clean up Alma with Analytics

What is it?

Analytics can help you clean up incomplete work in Alma

Where is it?

Look for the reports in Alma Analytics: Shared Folders> Community> Reports> Shared Reports> Premium Services > Expert Services

These reports show you areas to evaluate where you need to tidy up in Alma.

To clean up your Alma with Analytics:

Two reports will be used as an example to show how to use Analytics to clean up Alma:

1) Active and Unavailable Electronic Portfolios


The report looks like this:


It shows a number of portfolios that were created on 12/10/2017 and are active but are unavailable.


2) Physical item Requests over one month old



The report shows physical item requests that are more than a month old. As we can see, there are requests dating back to January 2018 that need to be investigated.


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