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How to Manage Community Zone Updates

You can monitor and manage the changes that occurred to your electronic resources that are linked to the Community Zone.

To monitor and manage Community Zone Updates:
  1. Open the Community Zone Updates Task List either from Resources > Manage Inventory > Community Zone Updates Task List or by selecting the Review CZ Updates button from an electronic editor (that is, the Electronic Collection, Service, or Portfolio Editor) when updates have occurred:


    The Community Zone Updates Task List appears:


    The list displays the changes that were made to your electronic resources from the Community Zone.

  2. Select the More Options button to display the actions you can perform. For a description of the options available here, see Working with the Community Zone Updates Task List.

The following example displays portfolios that were deleted from non auto-active electronic services:

portfolios_deleted_from_ non_ auto_active_ electronic_services.png

If your service is auto-active, when a portfolio is deleted from the Community Zone, it is automatically deleted from your institution. But if it is not auto-active, it remains in your inventory as a local portfolio and the availability status is changed to Not Available. You can view these portfolios from the Community Zone Updates Task List and decide whether you want to delete, suppress, or leave them as is.

From the More Options button, you can select options to edit the portfolio, the service, or the collection, test access to the portfolio, or send a report to Ex Libris.

options_for_portfolios_deleted_from_ non_ auto_active_ electronic_services.png

For more information, see Working with the Community Zone Updates Task List.