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Best Practice Toolkit: Alma HealthCheck

What is it?

Alma provides a HealthCheck tool that allows Alma administrators to identify whether any issues exist with their configuration, such as potential configuration inconsistencies, errors, and defined functional anomalies.

Where is it?

Go to: Admin > Advanced tools > HealthCheck dashboard


To run Alma HealthCheck manually or schedule it:

To run the HealthCheck tool manually:

  • From the Entity Name section, select the functional areas on which you want to run the HealthCheck tool. The available options are:

Fulfillment/ Acquisitions/ User Management/ Resource Management

  • Select Run. The job runs.


  • To retrieve the reports, go to: Admin > Monitor job> History and click the button on the job for running the HealthCheck report, select “report”


  • Click the “export list” button in the second section of the page to download an excel report

To schedule the HealthCheck tool to run on a fixed schedule:

  • Select Active
  • Select one of the following options from the Scheduling drop-down list:
  • Every Monday at 6:00
  • On the 02 of every month at 06:00
  • Select Email Notifications to have a report of the job sent to an email address. For more information, see Configuring Email Notifications for Scheduled Jobs.
  • Select Save. The job is scheduled. You can see the job in the list of scheduled job


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