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Best Practice Toolkit: Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant (DARA)

What Is It?

Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant (DARA) allows Alma users to work smarter by leveraging, the cloud, the community, the size of Alma using AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and Alma Analytics.

Reviewing Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant (DARA) Recommendations:

  • Feature Recommendations: Based on use of features across the community and specific institution setup, recommend use of a feature that is not in use

  • Analytics Based Recommendations: Population is based on a report

  • System based Recommendations: System determines recommendations based on internal DARA logic

Why Review DARA?

DARA assists the library by recommending workflow efficiencies, suggesting features, and validating configurations.

By default, DARA generates all recommendation types. If you think that a type is not relevant to your institution, you can configure DARA to not generate recommendations of this type. Additionally, it is possible to remove roles that are configured to see a recommendation type. For more information, see DARA Recommendations.

Before You Start  

As always in Alma, confirm you have the proper role assigned to you. For each Recommendation Type has a require role associated with it.

For example: Unavailable Portfolios requires

  • Electronic Inventory Operator

  • Repository Manager

  • Purchasing Operator

  • Purchasing Manager


Additional Recommendation Types include:

  • Automate MD Import Profiles

  • Automatic Usage Data

  • Convert Audio/Video Files to Streaming/HTML5 format

  • Description Templates

  • Fully Utilize Digital Asset Management Flows

  • High Request Load

  • Identical OCLC Control Number

  • Job Failure

  • Link Electronic Resources to the Community

  • Link Local Electronic Collections to the CZ

  • Link Standalone Portfolios to CZ

  • Load Usage Data

  • Missing Items

  • My Electronic Resources by Provider

  • New Alma Viewer

  • No Data Processed

  • No Job Instance

  • Unavailable Portfolios

  • Upload Electronic Holdings

  • Validate Order Information for Orders Created by API


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In addition to the ExLibris Knowledge Center links above, there is the Getting to Know DARA training - 58 minutes in length.

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