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Importing Local Authority Records from Aleph to Alma

This document describes how to import local Aleph authority records into Alma.
To import local Aleph authorities into Alma:
  1. Export authority records from Aleph in MARC XML format. See the example file: aleph_export_example.
  2. Remove the attributes from all <record> tags.
    For example, instead of:
    You should have:
  3. Remove attributes from the <collection> tag. See the example file: alma_import_example.
    For example, instead of:
    You should have:
  4. Ask the implementation team to set the authority usage policy in your environment to local.
  5. Define a local authorities vocabulary in one of the following two ways. (For more information, see Adding a Local Authority Definition.)
    • Select the Manage Locally option next to a global vocabulary (Configuration > Resources > Metadata Configuration > Authority Vocabularies).
    • Click Add local authority from the Metadata Configuration List page (Configuration > Resources > Metadata Configuration > Authority Vocabularies). The following appears:
      Add Local Authority
      Fill in the fields as described in Working with Authority Records.
  6. For name authorities, open a case with the details of the local authority profile to have it added to the Alma indexing process.
  7. Create an import profile:
    1. From the Manage Import Profiles page (Resources > Manage Import Profiles) click Add New Profile.
    2. Select the authority profile type. The following appears:
      Profile Details
    3. Fill in the relevant fields. In the Vocabulary code field, select the vocabulary you created/extended in step 5.
    4. Click Next. If the normalization process or match profile are relevant to you, fill in the relevant information in the following two pages. If not, click Next until the end of the wizard and then click Save.
  8. Run the profile by clicking Run Import in the row actions for the profile you created.
  9. Click Select File and select the XML file to import.
  10. Click Add.
Alma imports the local Aleph authority records
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