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"Mandatory field is missing" in SIS version 2 (less techy answer)


  • Product: Alma
  • Product Version: February 2016
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



Seeing errors such as: "Mandatory field is missing: email type".  This occurs when testing version 2 for SIS (Student Information Systems, User Integration Profile).  How to solve it?


Some sites could resolve this issue by clearing the field (e.g. email) from: User Management Configuration Menu > Mandatory Fields > Public [or any of the tables in this section] but this resolved for Alma rather than SIS load.

Our tests on sandbox show that completely removing the fields (such as email or ID fields) from the SIS resolved the errors as long as the field was not required.

A customer in production advises this: We removed all fields where the data was missing. For example - this was done for the ID fields that were causing problems. Secondly, we entered "none" in the blank email, address line 1 and phone number fields where data is required and the field could not be removed.  This solved the upload problems and all users were added



  • Article last edited: 28-SEP-2016