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    "Replaces" / "Replaced by" relationship between records

    • Product: Alma


    We have two BIB records which are related to each other. The relationship is of type "Replaces" / "Replaced by". What is causing this relationship and how can we dissolve it?


    Normally this is caused by the definition of an invalid ISBN in one record which is the valid ISBN in another record.

    In MARC, it means that one record holds an ISBN in the field 020$$z, and the other record has the exactly same ISBN in the field 020$$a.

    For UNIMARC, it is the fields 010$$z and 010$$a.

    To dissolve the relationship, delete the field 020$$z (resp. 010$$z), and run the job "MMS - Build Record Relations".



    • Article last edited: 21-Jun-2023
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