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    "Request a different issue" - how to change the label of this type of request?

    • Product: Alma




    Regarding request named: "Request Options: Request a different issue", showing in the Primo Get It tab at the top of the frame -- is it possible to change the default wording for this link?



    The Request a different issue link will appear in Primo Get It if the item has a description or the resource holding has a summary holdings field. This will enable requesting items that may have not been cataloged. 

    The label "Request a different issue" can be changed in Alma, from: Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Labels. The label is called: c.uresolver.getit2.request_different. 

    The change is immediate (just refresh the search result in Primo).

    Seen in context:




    Additional Information

    1. For more detail find Online Help page for "List of Commonly Used Labels".
    2. See also:

    "Why is "Request a different issue" appearing for some records when "General hold request" is hidden?"

    "How to suppress the “Request Anyway” (General Hold Request) option from Primo > GetIt?"

    1. Currently, this specific form is not customizable. Configuration exists for the hold request form, booking request form, and digitization request form. See Customizing Primo Request Forms.


    • Article last edited: 05-SEP-2018