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    "XML loaded is missing letter type Tag" when testing via "Notification Template"

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    How to resolve the error "XML loaded is missing letter type Tag", when using "Notification Template"?


    This tool is found in: ADMINISTRATION > General Configuration > Configuration Menu.


    A step was missing when loading and testing the XML for Letter Customization.


    The workflow is:

    1. Go to: General Configuration Menu

    2. Click the Notification Template
    3. Click: XML to Upload

    4. Find the XML file
    5. Click: Save


    At this stage, the upload is confirmed by Alma, and the Letter Type is displayed:

    6. Proceed, e.g. by clicking: Send by email
    7. Fill-in your email address
    8. Click: Run XSL

    Instead of emailing, it is possible to view results on the screen, by skipping steps #6-7.




    More Information


    1. "How To" documentation can be found at:


    2. Screenshots regarding the process mentioned in this article are found in step FIVE, second screenshot, at:


    3. Customers asked for examples for such letters. This exists in: