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    “Test Access” for a portfolio in Alma opens a blank tab

    • Product: Alma




    Why does the "test access" look different in Alma than when you choose "View in New Window"? In some cases, a blank tab is produced, and it is needed to "Display in a new window" in order to see connection results.

    This happens only in Alma, not in Primo.


    This is related to the "Direct Linking" configuration (in: Alma > Fulfillment Configuration Menu). Disabling this feature momentarily solves the problem in Alma. HOWEVER, the purpose of "Direct Linking" is to facilitate the Primo experience, thus it is not recommended to turn off this feature, unless needed for testing and it is preferred not to open a new window.


    Additional Information

    Discussing this with the development team and it seems that the blank "test access" tab is created when redirecting from Alma to "http". The browser is blocking you. Unfortunately there is nothing that can fixed from the Alma side. This is a browser issue that cannot be resolved by Alma development.


    • Article last edited: 22-JUN-2017