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    852 subfield a - how to ensure it is populated?

    • Product: Alma




    Is it possible to map a default 852 subfield a to be used by all import profiles?

    Currently the holdings 852 looks like this:
    852 0_ |b MAIN |c MAIN |h PR2827 |i .G44 2017

    we want it to look like this
    852 00 |a AA-BB |b MAIN |c MAIN |h PR2827 |i .G44 2017


    Shared by an Alma customer:

    We found the following in "Working with Templates":

    For holdings records, the default holdings template can be used outside the MD Editor such as when placing orders through Acquisitions if the use_marc_record_holdings_template customer parameter is set to true in Other Settings (Configuration Menu > Resources > General section > Other Settings). See "Configuring Other Settings (Resource Management)" (Configuring Other Settings (Resource Management)) for more information.

    So, we changed use_marc_record_holdings_template to true and confirmed that records added to an import profile were using the default holdings template.

    We also discovered that the 852 subfield a (852 $a) was not marked as mandatory in Configuration–Resources–Metadata Configuration for MARC21 Holdings. We updated it to be required and double-checked to make sure that (e.g.) AA-BB is the only code in the controlled vocabulary.

    So now, we have that all holdings records, no matter how they are created, are getting their 852 |a AA-BB

    Additional Information

    Regarding search on 852 $$a please follow Release Notes, and potential updates via:



    • Article last edited: 30-JUN-2022
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