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    ALMA ANALYTICS - Display Name instead of Owner ID number?

    • Product: Alma



    My Account settings in Alma Analytics show a 'Display Name', which is the Primary Identifier field from Alma, and a very long 'User ID' which appears only to exist for Alma Analytics purposes.
    The actual display against reports is the User ID, labelled with Owner, rather than the Display Name.

    Could you advise on plans to correct this so that the display for the audit trail is the actual 'Display Name'?
    This would greatly improve the usefulness of this data for audit trail purposes.

    User ID: 13101820000231_3131_D
    Display Name: exl_impl


    We have consulted the OBI consultants with whom we work.
    The appearance of the user id is closed as part of the OBI infrastructure and is not editable / configurable.
    If it is important to know the name of the user who edited a report and not only his user ID then you can do
    copy the user ID (in our example: 13101820000231) > new > analysis > 'Users' subject area > filter by 'User Id'  > display name


    • Article last edited: 27-02-2017