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    Adding MARC21 Extension such as 019

    • Product: Alma


    How to add MARC 019 field (or any other such field) to the MARC21 Profile Configuration (Configuration > Resources > Metadata Configuration)? Currently, there is no entry for 019, even though records from OCLC do contain the field ( This results in a very common warning in the MDE ("Field 019 is not listed in profile"). How to add 019 to the configuration so that MDE warnings are rarer and thus more meaningful/useful? 


    Here are the steps:

    1. Create an XML file with this suggested content, copied below, or - benefit from the Community Zone contributed Extensions
    2. Go to: Configuration > Resources > Cataloging > Metadata Configuration
    3. Click: MARC21 Bibliographic
    4. Find the button to: Add Extensions > To Institution
    5. At this point, choose "From" - Local File (if you are testing your own file), or from Community Zone
      • When adding from a Local File > Browse for the file > Click: Add Extensions > Alma validates the file. When uploaded successfully, click "Deploy" (save)
      • When adding from Community Zone > you can inspect the contributions, and even download the file for further analysis. If you proceed to add this Extension directly from the CZ > wait for confirmation, and finally "Deploy" (save)


    A suggested XML is given below:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <marc_profile xmlns:xsi=""
    <data_field_configuration repeatable="true" mandatory="false" tag="019" xmlns="http://com/exlibris/repository/mdprofile/xmlbeans" xmlns:xsi="">
    <description>019 OCLC ID</description>
    <sub_field_configuration code="a" mandatory="false" repeatable="false">
    <description>019 OCLC


    Additional Information

    For more information refer to "Editing MARC-Based Profiles with Extension Packs".



    • Article last edited: 31-AUG-2023