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    Adding print journal holdings to the Primo A-Z list for Alma data

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    How to expand Primo A-Z (or Primo AZ) list for Alma data to include print and not just electronic journals?


    Apply this procedure:

    1. Log into the Primo BO (Back Office).

    2. Navigate to the relevant Primo NR (Normalization Rule) for the Alma data.
    Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > Full Normalization Rule Configuration > [NR set name]

    3. Edit the NR set.

    4. Navigate to rule "Search" rule "SearchScope". Within this rule set, there will be one or more rules whose last step is Transformation "Add to beginning of string" with Parameter "AZ". All of these rules which are enabled, are the ones which add entries to the Primo A-Z list for Alma published data.

    5. Note: Several of these rules may have Conditions checking for "delivery/delcategory" of electronic resources or "display/type" for resource display types in addition to journals. Rather than disabling or modifying these rules, it is simpler to just add one new rule. In that manner, if at a later date print journals are no longer wanted in the Primo A-Z list, the one new rule step can just be removed.

    6. Add one new rule step with the following details:

    Type: PNX
    Value: delivery/institution

    Conditions logic: True
    Condition 1 - Logic: True

    Condition 1 - Source
    Type: PNX
    Value: display/type
    Success If: Match Last

    Condition 1 - Routines
    General Parameter: <blank>
    Routine: Check that string exists
    Parameter: journal

    Transformation: Copy As Is Parameter: <blank>
    Transformation: Add to beginning of string Parameter: AZ

    Action: ADD

    7. Save & Deploy the updated rule set.

    8. In order to populate the A-Z list with the additional entries, submit a re-normalization pipe for the Alma data which will update the Primo PNX records with the appropriate search/searchscope fields.

    9. Re-index the Primo records.  For Primo sites on the Primo MT hosted server environment, Primo Ongoing Indexing is available, so indexing will commence automatically, as soon as the re-normalization pipe is done.  The indexing status can be checked by looking in the current pipe run detail results in a new "Indexing Data" section which is appended after the pipe run is completed and indexing and hotswapping has begun.

    10. After re-indexing, verify print titles have been added to the Primo A-Z list by checking some know titles in the Primo FE A-Z List link.

    Additional Information

    For more information about how to include additional types of records in the A-Z list, please see the Alma-Primo Integration Guide, Chapter 4: Configuring the Primo Front End for an Alma Data Source, section A-Z list

    Category: Configuration

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