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    Adding an Analytics Widget (e.g. Report) to the Home Page


    How can I add an Analytics report as a widget to the Alma Home Page?


    Do as follows:

    1. In the Alma menu, choose Analytics --> Analytics Object List.
    2. Click "Add New Analytics Object."
    3. Select the Analytics folder and the name of the report, and type a "Display name".
    4. Click "Add role" to add all the roles, which should be able to see the widget on their home screen.
    5. Click on "Add as widget" checkbox.
    6. Save

    The users with the relevant roles can add this report as a widget to their home screen. To do that, go to your Alma homepage and click the icon in the upper right (the wight plus sign in the blue circle); the report is among the widgets.

    • Article last edited: 17-Feb-2022