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    Alma: Ebrary and EBL Collections Retirement Notification

    • Product: Alma


    What is happening to ProQuest Ebrary and EBL collections in Alma CZ?


    Ebrary and EBL upgrades to Ebook Central were completed at the end of December 2017. In order to maintain accurate and current metadata the existing Ebrary and EBL collections will be removed as part of 20182000 CKB Update, released May 20, 2018.

    Actions you need to take before May 20, if you are still tracking Ebrary or EBL collections:

    1. Subscription Collections: Activate the applicable Ebook Central Collection in the Alma CZ. If you are unsure about which collection you should activate, we have prepared Ebrary-to-Ebook Central collection mappings. Please refer to the attached file.
    2. Perpetual and DDA auto-holdings: Activate the “Ebook Central Perpetual and DDA” Alma collection
    3. In addition, we recommend using the “Upload Electronic Holdings for ProQuest Ebook Central” feature
    4. Verify that your CUST_ID is correct for your institution (Electronic Collection Editor > Electronic Service Editor > Linking Information > Linking Parser Parameter). Ebook Central ID may be different than what your institution had used for Ebrary.
    5. De-activate Ebrary and/or EBL collections

    The Content Team has been maintaining Ebook Central collections, so once you switch from Ebrary to Ebook Central you should not experience any service disruptions.

    Who do I contact for assistance?

    • If you are having issues with customizing your Ebook Central collections to add a CUST_ID or with automated holdings management, open a case in the Ex Libris Support Portal for the Alma Support Team.
    • If you are having issues with missing titles or broken links, open a case with Ex Libris Content Support for the Alma Data Services Team
    • If you are having issues with your purchased titles on the Ebook Central Platform, open a case with Ebook Technical Support using this form.
    • If you cannot find your collection in Ebook Central, please contact Ebook Technical Support using this form.

    • Article last edited: 10-Apr-2018
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