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    Alma - EDI file export splits long descriptive fields

    • Product: Alma



    To download an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) file open a Purchase Order Line (PO Line) > Action Items > Download EDI File. Right-click on downloaded file in folder location and click Edit with Notepad++.

    When one of the descriptive fields, like a title, is long the field will be split into two different lines in the EDI file. Occasionally, this can cause an issue depending on how the EDI file will be used. 


    In order to avoid splitting longer fields into two different lines in the EDI file do the following:

    1. Search for Vendor > All > vendor name that is listed in the PO Line
    2. With the vendor record displaying go to Actions Menu > Edit > Vendor Details
    3. In the Vendor Details page go to the EDI Information tab under Vendor EDI Attributes and look for EDI vendor format
    4. From the drop down menu choose Harrassowitz, this will change the EDI file into a single line 
    5. Click Save and then return to the PO Line and download the EDI file again

    Additional Information

    Please see Configuring EDI for a Vendor for additional information.


    • Article last edited: 23-Mar-2020
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