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    Alma Homepage Customized Widgets Don't Display Properly

    • Product: Alma 


    Why don't my customized widgets appear properly in Alma?


    The answer may be related to the X-frame options HTTP response header of the website you are trying to embed in the widget.
    This header defines whether or not the content of a webpage can be displayed in a frame on another web page, which in this case would be the Alma home page.
    This policy is used by websites to prevent clickjacking attacks, where a user is tricked into clicking on something seemingly harmless in order to give the attacker access to sensitive information or even control over the user's computer.

    You can check a web page's X-frame options using this free online tool:

    Enter a website URL and click "Test Now"

    If the URL has an X-frame options header, it will appear with one of three possible values:

    1. deny - Never allow the page to be displayed in a frame.
    2. sameorigin - Only display if the frame has the same origin as the page itself (this is determined by the browser and results can differ depending which browser is used).
    3. allow-from https://<url> - Only display if the frame has the origin of the given URL (Once again, results can differ depending on your browser).


    If the URL has no X-frame options header, it should be embed-able everywhere.

    geekflare is not an Ex Libris tool. It is a third party software that is not overseen by Alma Development.




    • Article last edited: 02-Jun-2019