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    Alma widgets don't display correctly

    • Product: Alma
    • Problem:Since OBIEE upgrade the Analytics widgets don't display correctly in Alma. This is a bug in the new OBIEE version and an Oracle ticket has been created
    • Solution: A workaround has been suggested by the Analytics developer:  If you connect to Analytics after login to Alma (by clicking on Alma menu > Administration > Analytics > Design Analytics) or open a dashboard from the Analytics link, or even click on the link 'Open in a new window' of a widget the connection to Analytics will be done. Afterwards, click on the institution icon at the top left corner of the Alma page to refresh it and all the widgets will appear correctly.

    Additional Information

    - Some users report opening Design Analytics and getting this message: "This page has no content. To add content, click Edit here or in the toolbar." Clearing cache helped.

    • - In addition, it appears that occasionally in some browsers, when you now login to Analytics (after the upgrade), you won't see the OBI menu or the top bar. You will need to press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page and then the menu and the top bar will appear. This is another ‘feature’ of the new OBI version. As with the widget issue we have reported this to Oracle, and have requested that they treat this matter with some urgency.




    • Article last edited: 24-07-2016
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