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Analytics Reports Failing to Open / Export

  • Product: Alma


  1. Report Size and Complexity:
    • The first common reason for report failures is related to the report itself. If a report is too “heavy,” meaning it contains an excessive amount of data or complex calculations, it may fail to open or export properly.
    • To address this issue, we’ve made significant improvements in how data is stored and calculated within our analytics system. Most issues associated with report size and complexity have been resolved.
    • If you encounter consistent failures due to report size, we recommend opening a support ticket. Our developers will investigate and attempt to improve performance.


  1. Oracle System Overload:
    • The second reason for report failures is related to Oracle system overload. Unfortunately, we were unable to receive a fix from Oracle for this issue.
    • However, we’ve implemented an alert system on our end to mitigate the impact of this bug. Here’s how it works:
      • Whenever an Oracle system time-out occurs, it is automatically and immediately reported to our 24X7 Hub.
      • Our internal procedure includes a quick restart of a specific component (not a full system restart).
      • As a result, reports should be back to running within half an hour without requiring you to report the incident.
    • If you encounter a time-out that persists beyond half an hour, please open a support ticket so that we can investigate further.


  1. Oracle Bug When Running Reports from Another Report:
    • Some users have experienced time-outs when running a report that utilizes another report as a filter. This issue occurs due to an Oracle bug.
    • Despite multiple attempts on Oracle’s side to address this bug, it persists. We suggest trying to build the report in a different way, for example, by using the term “IN” instead of “NOT IN.”  



  • Article last edited: 27-May-2024
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