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    Analytics Users report combining two different fields under the “Select only one of the below” section - how to?

    • Product: Alma


    How to write an Analytics report, combining two different fields in an Users subject area that are under the “Select only one of the below” section?

    It needs to include both barcode and block status, or for example email.


    One idea - shared by a customer:

    What I wanted to do was create a report of our patrons that limited patrons to those who did not have an active block, but include the barcode. Both of those fields are below that "select only" line. So I created two queries. The first one produces the Alma IDs of all those patrons who do not have active blocks. I then use that report to create a second report that includes all the other information I need (include the barcode).

    Another idea - shared by another customer: 

    Use "Identifier 1" or "Identifier 2" from the "User" details subject area, one of which will probably correspond to your patron barcode.
    Then you're free to choose from the "Block" subject area in the “Select only one of the below” section.

    If this field is not populated - open a support case to the attention of Ex Libris and indicate which identifier(s) to add (up to two).  Once the field is populated and Analytics is refreshed - the combined report can be tested. 


    Additional Information

    Click here for more about "Viewing Additional User Identifier Types".


    • Article last edited: 7-APR-2019
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