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    Borrowing Request Metadata Changes (Including Title)

    • Product: Alma


    After working on a Borrowing Request, the request metadata has mysteriously changed from one title to another. What's going on?


    As the result of an enhancement in May 2018, adding a DOI or PMID to a Borrowing Request "augments" that request with additional metadata. However, using an incorrect DOI or PMID may result in location of the wrong resource and augmentation which will change the original requested resource to a new one that matches the incorrect DOI or PMID. Additionally, only PubMed IDs should go into the PMID field; using other identifiers in the PMID field instead of the Other Standard Identifier field will also result in the Borrowing Request being augmented with incorrect metadata.

    You can look at the history of the Borrowing Request to see if it has been augmented (will appear as "Request has been augmented").

    Changing the DOI or PMID to the correct one should fix the issue.

    Additional Information

    For more information on this May 2018 enhancement, please see:



    • Article last edited: 01-June-2020
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