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    Bursar and Invoice (Finance) output file name (structure)

    • Product: Alma


    What is the file name (filename) structure, for the output of the Bursar (Fines/Fees) and Finance (Financial Systems invoices, e.g. ERP) integration profiles? Also, are the filenames unique?


    The Bursar output file name contains a number which is the UNIX epoch time-stamp from running the file. It is dynamically generated at each run and only appears in the resulting filename after the run is completed.It doesn't reflect the any interface ID or library ID. It means that the files are always unique.

    The Invoice/Finance output file name has the following structure: The first part of the filename is the Process ID (job ID) that exports the invoice. The second part is a unique number that is added to avoid cases where one process creates more than one file. Therefore, the filename is unique. The first part may not be unique - that's why the second part is added in order to make sure the file name is unique.  Note that an invoice can be owned by the institution or a library, so if you check 'Split by owner' in the Actions tab of the Integration Profile to split the files into separate files (one for each invoice owner (library)) - the owner code is added to the file name.

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    Article last edited: 03-OCT-2019