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    Can an Approved and Paid Alma invoice be edited?

    • Product: Alma


    Can an Approved and Paid invoice be edited? After calling up the invoice, the only options are: 'V'iew, and 'Go to task list' -- no 'Edit' option.


    Yes, there are two types of edits that can be performed on invoices that are Paid (Closed).

    The first is that the invoice can be edited to change Payment status to 'Not Paid':

    1. Search for the invoice and click 'Edit':


    2. In the Payment Information section, select 'Not Paid' in Payment status section and 'Save':


    NOTE  This change will only change the invoice payment status and will not change the Invoice Details.

    The second type of invoice edit is to set it back to 'In Review' status:

    1. Search for the invoice and click 'Set back to Review':

    2. Confirm the change:

    3. The invoice status is set back to 'In Review':

    4. Click 'Go to task list', 'Edit', and update Invoice Details (e.g., invoice date, total amount, etc.) and 'Save':


    Each invoice can then be closed after the changes are made.

    • Article last edited: 25-Sep-2020