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    Cannot customize Fines/Fees Behavior table, get 'The field VAT Percentage does not match its definition' error

    • Product: Alma


    Problem Symptoms

    When trying to edit the Document delivery service Fine/Fee type in Alma>Administration>User Management Configuration>Configuration Menu>Patron Charges>Fines/Fees Behavior, get a repeated Alma error stating 'The field VAT Percentage does not match its definition.  It should be a float number in the range 0-100.'


    In some environments, the VAT Percentage field for some of the rows in the Fine Fee Type Definition table is set to null; because Alma requires a number in the range from 0-100 to be in that field, the table cannot be saved with the null values.


    If you update all null VAT Percentage fields to have a value between 0-100, the table will be able to be saved.



    • Article last edited: 26-Sep-2017
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