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    Changing status "Waiting for manual renewal" in bulk

    • Product: Alma


    We have a lot of PO lines in status "Waiting for manual renewal" and want to push them to automatic renewal. How do we do it?


    First step is to remove the "Manual renewal" checkbox for all these orders. You do it by creating a set and running the "Change PO Lines Information" over this set. Set "Manual renewal" to "No".

    However, this will not change the status. Now you need to set the renewal date to a future date then click Save or Renew (depending on what screen you're in). The PO line status will now be Waiting for Renewal and the PO line will be handled by the PO Line - Renewal job from now on.

    NOTE: This solution will work only if the renewal date is in the future. Unfortunately there is currently no way to move renewal dates in the bulk.


    • Article last edited: 29-Sep-2021
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