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Closed day used as due date

  • Product: Alma



We inserted the 15.08.2016 as a closing day in our calendar on the institutional level but the due date for checked-out items today is in fact the 15.08.2016


In the Calendar Management page (Administration>General Configuration>Configuration Menu>Libraries>Add Library or Edit Library Information) many Exceptions (as the one for the August 15) are set with dates "Valid from" xx/xx/2016 to  "Valid to" x/xx/2026.

  • This is not correct, the "Valid To" year has to be 2016 and not 2026. 
    Currently, it is not possible to set a calendar exception as as recurring event. The administrators have to add/edit an exception for every year individually.  



  • Article last edited: 25-NOV-2016