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    Continuous POLs reappear in Claim tasklist - how to remove?

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    In the Claim task list, POLines for continuous orders (journals, serials) reappear on the Claim task list every day, even though the Expected Receipt Date of the POL has been changed to a future date. How to remove them?


    Alma checks if any item of the Continuous POL has Expected Receipt Date but wasn't yet received. If so - the POL appears in the Claim list. If there are no items with Expected Receipt Date, then Alma checks the POL Expected Receipt Date to determine if POL should appear in the Claim workbench.

    If prediction pattern was defined for this POL, Alma checks if the holding pointing to the PO Line has items that their expected arrival date is in the past and the arrival date is empty (we consider these items to be created by the prediction pattern functionality). BUT if the holding does not have items that are not yet arrived Alma checks the "Expected arrival date" in the PO Line. When an item is received in the Receive workbench - Alma recalculates the Expected Receipt Date in the POL to be Current date + subscription interval + Grace period - This is what we call "Claiming Date".


    Edit the items attached to the POL and add a receiving date. The update can be done individually, or with the job "Change physical items".

    The steps:

    1. Create a set for the affected items (Physical Items, or Physical Titles, set)
    2. Navigate to: Run a Job > Type: Information Update > Change physical items
    3. Select the set > update the "Receiving date", conditionally, "If field is not empty"

    Additional Information

    More in the Online Help


    • Article last edited: 08-MAR-2024