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    E-resource has Physical Version at Electronic Location after P2E process but needs to be removed

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Item is in e-location (Aleph Sublibrary/Location code is listed in tab "P2E-Libs_Cols" of Aleph Migration Form)
    * This item's associated BIB is indicated as electronic resource (the BIB ID is in P2E input file).
    * This item's Material Type code is not electronic (is not listed in tab "P2E-ItemMT" of Aleph Migration Form)
    * Both an Electronic and physical versions of this title are created in Alma, but the only the electronic version is desired.

    Below are the P2E criteria for creating an electronic version during Aleph to Alma migration:
    1. BIB ID (old system bib id migrated to 035$a) must be included in the P2E input file.
    2. Items that have both an Electronic location AND Electronic material type will be migrated to an electronic version
    3. Items that have a physical version with ANY material type will be migrated to a physical version
    4. Items that have an electronic version with a physical material type will be migrated to a physical version

    In the case of #3 or #4, if the linked holding record points to an electronic location, an electronic version will be created at the holdings level.
    If the BIB has no item-level AND no holding-level electronic version, an electronic version of the BIB will be created.
    For case #4, if the physical version is unwanted, it can be removed from Alma after migration.

    Below are the steps to remove unwanted physical items that have an electronic location with non-electronic Material Type.
    Using example:
    items in library "MAIN", electronic location "EINET", non-electronic material type "Book?

    1. Run a Repository Advanced Search for physical items with the following conditions:
    a. Holding
    ? Permanent physical location Equals EINET
    And ? library Equals MAIN
    b. Physical items
    ? Material type Equals Book

    2. Save Query with a Name, e.g. MAIN-EINET-Book ? This creates a logical managed set.

    3. OPTIONAL: convert query to an itemized set (Can use either logical or Itemized)

    4. Run Batch job:
    a. Go to ADMINISTRATION > Manage Jobs > Run a job > Withdraw items
    b. Select the set created in previous steps
    c. Chose option "Delete holdings without items and bibliography records"
    NOTE: all other "Run a job" options in the menu could potentially delete or suppressed the bib.
    In this case, the bib should not be deleted or suppressed.

    5. The Holding records remain in e-location "EINET", however the items have been removed.

    6. suppress the EINET location.

    Additional Information

    This will only happen in migrated data after P2E process.
    Please always check the most recent version of below the documentation from Ex Libris Documentation Center.
    a. "Aleph to Alma Migration Guide" - for Physical to Electronic (P to E) Processing:
    Home > Documentation Center > Ex Libris Documentation Center > Alma > Migration > ILS > Aleph
    b. "Alma Resource Management Guide" - for Withdrawing Sets of Items:
    Home > Documentation Center > Ex Libris Documentation Center > Alma > Product Documentation > Resource Management

    Category: Migration - Alma

    Subject: E-Resources - Alma

    • Article last edited: 4/3/2014