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    EDI Order Responses (ORDRSP) fail with: Rejection reason does not exist

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: April 2016
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care




    EDI Order Responses fail to load, error is: "Rejection reason does not exist."


    Please review if applicable for your file and contact the vendor to add the "FTX" information as follows, e.g. after the PRI segment:



    For example:


    UNA:+.? 'UNA:+.? 'UNB+UNOA:2+1697978:31B+3615634:31B+160422:2131+500000061+++++EANCOM'UNG+ORDRSP+1697978:31B+3615634:31B+160422:2131+500000027+UN+D:96A'UNH+500000028+ORDRSP:D:96A:UN::EAN008'BGM+231+PO-60417+29'DTM+137:20160423:102'RFF+ON:PO-60417'NAD+BY+20R4041::91'NAD+SU+1697978::31B'LIN+1+5+9781118628980:EN'PIA+5+1118628985:IB'QTY+21:1'PRI+AAF:90:CA:SRP'FTX+LIN++200:1B:28'RFF+LI:POL-51258'LIN+2+5+9781133936794:EN'PIA+5+1133936792:IB'QTY+21:1'PRI+AAF:115.95:CA:SRP'FTX+LIN++200:1B:28'RFF+LI:POL-51513'UNS+S'CNT+2:2'UNT+19+500000028'UNE+1+500000027'UNZ+1+500000061'

    The reason is:

    For Order Responses of type "Report" (i.e. BGM+231) Alma expects in each line the "Reject reason" to be filled (even if the order was not rejected/canceled).
    The Reject reason is sent in a tag FTX+LI++ResonCode:Number:28'
    If an order wasn't canceled, we still expect to know one of the reasons that does not require action (Vendors usually will send in these case FTX+LIN++100:IB:28' which means order accepted, in stock and will be dispatched later.

    Additional Information

    More information exists in the online help about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in Alma:



    • Article last edited: 30-APR-2016