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    EDI ordering in Alma for different accounts at Baker and Taylor Enriched


    • Product: Alma



    How to create separate EDI accounts for Baker & Taylor (B&T)?


    Setting up separate EDI accounts with Baker & Taylor (B&T) requires a suffix added to the NAD line (Name and Address) of the buyer/library. 

    • In this configuration, a space exists between the buyer code, and the suffix. For example: 'NAD+BY+123456789000 1000::9'
    • The UNB segment will contain the buyer/library code without the suffix. For example: 'UNB+UNOC:3+VendorEdiCode:EdiType+123456789000:Type+Date:time+110’

    In Alma:

    1. The vendor's EDI information tab will have "EDI Vendor Format" with value: "Baker & Taylor Enriched"
    2. Add your Organization Unit code with the suffix separated by a space (for example: "123456789000 1000")


    Additional Information

    For context and further explanations, see the Online Help regarding: "Configuring EDI for a Vendor". 

    The November 2013 Release enabled this feature: "Baker & Taylor enriched – The file includes enriched data that is customized for Baker & Taylor. The GIR segment includes library and location information in two separate fields, even though the PO line may not include this data."


    • Article last edited: 22-SEP-2022