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    Effect of Changing Alma Acquisitions Reporting Codes

    • Product: Alma


    If I change the Acquisitions Reporting codes for Purchase Orders, how will that affect the existing data?


    You can edit the reporting codes in the Configuration menu (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders > Reporting Codes, Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders > Secondary Reporting Codes, and Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders > Tertiary Reporting Codes).

    reporting codes.png

    It is possible to edit both the code and the description fields. You can change the descriptions of the codes without affecting the data in any way, since that only relates to the display of the code. 

    However, if you update the code, it will not update anywhere that you have used the code anywhere in Acquisitions. This will result in the data becoming corrupted, since anywhere the old codes appeared will now show as "not listed" and have no information associated with it.

    Additional Information

    Configuring Reporting Codes


    • Article last edited: 21-April-2021