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    Explicit ratio not working as expected

    • Product: Alma


    For an invoice in a foreign currency we state an explicit ratio. The fund transaction is wrongly calculated.

    Example: Our fund currency is Euro. The invoice is in Norwegian Krone (NOK), its amount is 300 NOK. As 1 EUR = 10 NOK, we entered "10" in the field "Explicit ratio". 

    Now our fund is encumbered by 3000 Euro but it should be 30 Euro. The calculation is wrongly done.


    The system works as expected.

    You defined the explicit ratio as 1 EUR = 10 NOK.
    Instead you need to define it as 1 NOK = 0.1 EUR

    The field "explicit ratio" needs to contain "0.1". Then you get the correct value, 300 x 0.1 = 30 EUR.



    • Article last edited: 11-Mar-2022
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