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    Extra Invoice Line in Fund Transactions

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: All versions



    We have an Invoice where we paid the correct amount on the invoice to the vendor, but in the Fund Transactions, there's an extra Invoice Line that does not appear on our invoice. That extra line is number 999991 at $9.00. 


    The difference of $9 is from a shipping charge to an order line. It seems to have been automatically added for the shipping cost.

    If the $9 fee is incorrect, the best option is to edit the order and delete the line that is not needed.   (Both the old and the new UI allow editing of the order.)   

    Once the line is deleted, the invoice might have to be reopened and then closed. However, please review before reopening it. 




    • Article last edited: 14-Feb-2018

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