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    External resources Z39.50 error

    • Product: Alma



    I have configured an External resource for our external resources search.

    I've added the password we received in the Credentials field in Resource management configuration but search doesn't work.

    Searching the resource in the MD Editor the following error message is displayed: "An error has occurred, please try again later and contact the system administrator." (Z39.50 target error: [101] Access-control failure. Addinfo:Aleph error. Service: C9902. Code: 3. User denied permission for function 'Z39.50 users(Z39-SERVER)/)


    The error reports a permission problem.

    Verify that in the Credential field the <username>/<password> (using this syntax, with no spaces) has been added. Not only the password.


    • Article last edited: 16-Sep-2016
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