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    How to determine or change the record type of an Alma bibliographic record

    • Product: Alma


    In the operational record, the following field exists and can contain BK, CR, MU, MP, VM, CF, or MX. As an example:

    <opr:fld name="material_type">BK</opr:fld>

    Which material types correspond to these codes, and how can they be changed if needed?


    The material type code is determined by a combination of the codes in positions 6 and 7 of the LDR field in the bibliographic record and correspond to Book, Continuing Resources, Music, Maps, Visual Materials, Computer Files, or Mixed Materials

    Should the record type in Alma not match the Resource Type in Primo, please consult this knowledge article on Changing the Resource Type in Primo.

    Material Type LDR positions
    For BK, or Book: Pos6=a and pos7=a
    Pos6=a and pos7=c
    Pos6=a and pos7=d
    Pos6=a and pos7=m
    Pos6=t and pos7=” “
    For CR, or Continuing Resources: Pos6=a and pos7=b
    Pos6=a and pos7=i
    Pos6=a and pos7=s
    For MU, or Music: Pos6=c
    For MP, or Maps: Pos6=e
    For VM, or Visual Materials: Pos6=g
    For CF, or Computer Files: Pos6=m
    For MX, or Mixed Materials: Pos6=p


    The default LDR 6 position is also BK, or Book.

    Additional Information

    For more information on material types in search results, please visit the Alma Online Help here.

    For information on changing the resource type (and for the rules used to create them in MARC 21/CNMARC/Dublin Core), please visit the Alma Online Help page on the Resource Type Field.

    • Article last edited: 15-Jun-2018