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    Which MARC21 fields Identify the Bibliographic Material Type?

    • Product: Alma


    How is the "Material Type" for a title search defined? Which bibliographic information determines  these facets:

    Books (BK) 

    Journals (CR) 

    Computer files (CF) 

    Maps (MP) 

    Music (MU) Visual materials (VM) Mixed materials (MX) 



    See Material Types in Search Results

    These material types are defined  by Library of Congress.  See .

    These material types are identified from the bibliographic LDR position 6, 7.

    For example, LDR Position 6 = a, Position 7 = a or c or d or m, the Alma Bibliographic Material is "BK", and Alma Material Type Term is "Book".

    For complete and exact information, please see the Online Help, link provided below.


    • Article last edited: 29-NOV-2018
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