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    How does the job "Export PO lines" work

    • Product: Alma


    The "Export PO Lines" job can be found under Configuration > General > Integration Profiles > Finance.

    It runs for all PO lines that are closed or cancelled where an internal variable "export_to_erp" (which is attached to every PO line) is 1. After they are exported, this field is changed to 0 so that the lines won't get exported again in the next run.

    PO lines are migrated from a previous ILS with this field set to 0, so only PO lines which were closed or cancelled in Alma are taken into account for this job. Nonetheless, if you already work with Alma for some time and want to start using this job only now, there may be a great number of PO lines getting exported which are not relevant anymore. Unfortunately the field can't be viewed and modified by customers.

    In this case we suggest the following workaround:


    Run this job and export all closed and cancelled PO lines to a dummy FTP server. This will turn off the "Export to ERP" indicator and from now on every PO Line that is closed or cancelled will be set with this parameter as true and the job will export it.



    • Article last edited: 02-Feb-2021