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    How to Export Bibliographic Records to Excel from Alma?

    • Product: Alma



    Currently it is possible to export bibliographic to a *.mrc file (binary) or XML, but not directly to Excel. (This is achieved by creating a title level set, then selecting to Run a Job > Export Bibliographic Records).  How to export to Excel or tab delimited file (*.csv)?


    We find that for now the best is to use a third party, such as have Excel open the XML file and convert it, or use MarcEdit and “Export” the *.mrc file to “Tab Delimited Records” (*.txt).

    In MarcEdit, list the fields to export


    Additional Information

    MarcEdit is used by many libraries and kindly maintained or downloaded from:

    Troubleshooting is offered in this Knowledge Article kindly posted:

    In fact, Googling keywords on MarcEdit export tab delimited - brings multiple library blogs.

    Click here for "Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets".

    See also a video presented by Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian: "Converting a MARC file to Excel with MarcEdit" 



    • Article last edited: 23-DEC-2019
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