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    How to add pop up notes to Alma items in bulk

    • Product: Alma



    How to add Fulfillment Notes in bulk to create pop up notices on the Manage Patron Services screen and Scan in Items screen?


    Update item information as follows:

    1.  Create a Physical Item Set (see Additional Information below for instructions on creating a set)
    2.  Select Run a Job under Admin > Manage Jobs
    3.  Select "Change Physical Item" from the list of jobs
    4.  Select the set created in step 1
    5.  Check the box for Fulfillment Note and populate the text field with the desired note
    6.  Submit the job

    Items with Fulfillment Notes display a pop up notification when scanned into the Manage Patron Services screen or Scan in Items screen. The note is also visible from the Item Record when viewing the Notes tab.

    Additional Information


    Single column text files (.txt or .csv) or Excel files (.xls or .xlsx) can be used to make itemized sets. For more information on creating sets (itemized or logical) or viewing which information can be used to create sets, visit the Online Help page on Managing Search Queries and Sets

    • Article last edited: 08-June-2018
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