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    How to change a work order time

    • Product: Alma



    Our Acquisitions Work Orders have a work order time of 7 days. How can we change it to a different value?


    in Alma the work order time is defined per department. So, if for example you want to change it for the XY Library Acquisition Department, do as follows:


    1. Go to the General Configuration Menu.
    2. Change the scope ("You are configuring") to XY Library.
    3. Click "Work Order Departments".
    4. Find the Acquisition Department and select Actions -> Edit.
    5. Change the work time to any value.

    Note: 7 days is the default value. So if nothing is defined here (also when you see a value "0"), 7 days are used as work order time.



    • Article last edited: 16-September-2016
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