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    How to configure Short Loan Reminder and Overdue Block?

    • Product: Alma




    How to set up a Block when a Short Loan is overdue?


    Please see the documentation link below, and here is are the steps as well:

    1. Configuration > Fulfillment > Other Settings: short_loan_overdue_reminder = (put the number of minutes); short_loan_overdue_block = true
    2. Configuration > Fulfillment > User Block Description > add a row where the code and description are: OVERDUE. This is the key aspect.
    3. Configuration > Fulfillment > User Block Definition > have an ID OVERDUE (and type: Loan, or anything else) with a Block Action
    4. Loan TOU has “Block when Overdue” with any Policy which enables Block. 
    5. Due Date Policy is based on hours (not days)

    The process should create an overdue notification and a block, for example a minute after due date has passed. The user will receive a notification.

    Additional Information

    For more information, consult the Online Help regarding: Configuring Short Loan Reminders and Blocks




    • Article last edited: 9-JUNE-2023
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