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How to create a user block (i.e. patron block)?

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  • Product: Alma


How to create User Block Definitions?


Steps to create a new user block:

1) Decide which actions may be blocked ("BlockedAction") — loan, renew, and/or requests.
-- To implement this step, please contact Ex Libris. ExL will share the BlockedAction ID to be use.

2) Contact Ex Libris to add the block description

3) Select the "BlockedAction" ID (defined in step #1), the description (defined in step #2), the type value, and 'overridable' flag.

Step #3 is accessed from: Fulfillment Configuration Menu > User Block Definitions

Additional Information

* See also the Online Help or the Fulfillment Guide
* A detailed "How to Configure Patron Blocks" can be found in the Documentation Center > Alma > Product Documentation > Fulfillment > How To Documents and Presentations

Category: Fulfillment

Subject: Configuration

  • Article last edited: 10/13/2014