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    How to disable (have no longer appear) a line in an Alma email letter?

    • Product: Alma


    How to disable (suppress) a line or a segment in an Alma email letter?

    For example how to hide the “charged_with_fines_fees" in "Ful Overdue and Lost Loan Notification Letter", or have "Sincerely” no longer appear in the letter “Borrowing Activity Letter - Patron Circulation Summary”?


    Please note that the Enable/Disable column is currently not functional for letters. It is possible to hide a segment by customizing the letters. Here are the steps:

    1. Select: Configuration > General > Letters Configuration
    2. Find, e.g. “Ful Borrowing Info Letter" > Actions > Edit
    3. Select the "Template" tab
    4. Suppress the following segment by enclosing it in an HTML style comment:
    5. <table>

      This way:

      <!-- <tr><td>@@sincerely@@</td></tr> -->

    6. Save, edit again, and "Preview" the letter to ensure no errors exist. This is an important step, because Alma may not be able to send this customized letter. As preferred, please test on Sandbox first.


    Additional Information

    Click here for more about "Configuring Alma Letters".


    • Article last edited: 7-OCT-2019
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